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The new Polo GTI – a 204 bhp hot hatch booked in for our popular new car detailing service, to be protected with full exterior ceramic coatings.

The best way to receive your new vehicle from the dealership is without being valeted. This may sound odd, but valeters at dealerships are usually from a different employer and do not have the time, experience and basic compassion for your new pride and joy as you or I do. Dealers will try to sell you an inferior new car protection package. The valeter will only spend up to an hour preparing and coating your vehicle and the coating will be a cheap and inferior product which doesn’t last. The product is very cheap to buy in, has basically zero durability with poor ingredients. Why? Timescale and volume of vehicles to turn around, the dealership looks at numbers and sales, not time care and attention to your vehicle.

At Offset Detailing Essex, we have tried countless coatings and always choose ones we would personally use on own cars. Also, we can spend up to a week preparing a new vehicle with our larger protection packages if you were to tick all of our detailing options, the most cost effective option, a full day and overnight booking – so you get the picture.

Back to the Polo, with this particular example untouched by the dealership and still having the factory protective wraps still on – these were removed and our extensive safe wash and decontamination process was carried out. The paintwork was then measured to see how much clearcoat was available for us to carry out a single stage machine polish. Being brand new, you’d expect no defects to be found, wrong. Even though in great condition a few light marks were evident which is most probably caused from transportation to the dealership from the factory. The entire car was given a light machine polish, removing these marks and giving a superb gloss and more clarity from the metallic blue.

The GTI was then coated with Titan Coatings TITAN and their Ultra V3 Top coat, covering paintwork and trim. The glass was then polished inside and out, with the exterior side protected with Titan Coatings Hyperglass. This is an excellent product aiding the driver in poor weather conditions and drastically reduces the need for windscreen wipers as rain and dirt literally roll off of the surface.

The interior was cleaned, vacuumed and sanitised throughout with the new factory floor mats fitted.

Wheel faces and exhaust tips were coated with KKD Revolve, helping against road grime and brake dust bonding to the surface.

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