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A long standing customers latest addition to his collection, a new 2018 pre facelift solid yellow 5.0L V8 Ford Mustang.

Booked in for Kamikaze Collection’s Miyabi and their new certified only Zipang semi self healing coatings, firstly the Mustang was covered in swirl marks, overspray and other blemishes that needed removing before the coatings were applied. A two stage machine polishing process took care of the defects.

Wheel and caliper protection package was added to this detail with Kamikaze Collection stance wheel coating applied to the wheels inside and out including the Brembo calipers.

Exterior glass was coated with Gtechniq Smart Glass.

Interior leather protection package was also included, Dr Leather Dye Block applied protecting the interior from dirt, dye transfer and spillages. Interior cleaned and vacuumed throughout.

Engine bay cleaned and dressed.

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