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A new Range Rpver Sport SVR in for the most advanced coating available Enrei, a two-stage coating system engineered by Kamikaze Collection, a boutique Japanese car care products manufacturer. This is a certified detailer application coating only. Here’s a bit of information on the coating itself.

No. 1 Base Primer Coat is applied first and has been formulated to have an increased chemical affiliation with the components in the No. 2 Top Coat. This ensures maximum longevity and, due to the close-knit bonds formed, presents a higher level of protection over standard ceramic coatings. Many ceramic coatings are susceptible to water spotting as moisture becomes trapped as the coating cures, marring the overall appearance and interfering with the formation of the bonds. Once cured, ENREI provides a slick, hydrophobic surface that encourages rainwater and contamination carried by it to sheet away from the car’s panels. Impervious to extremes of pH, ENREI will not be degraded by industrial and environmental fallout. Not to mention an extremely glossy finish.

Leather protection package was also added, using Dr Leather products to clean and protect the leather and vacuumed throughout.

Exterior glass was coated with Gtechniq Smart Glass, with the gloss black wheels also receiving a coating of Enrei.

Engine bay was cleaned and dressed with the the dry carbon fibre bonnet receiving a spritz of Polishangel Presto as was the interior carbon fibre. Exhaust pipes treated with Britemax Twins polish and sealant. Exhaust pipes treated with Britemax Twins polish and sealant.

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