Range Rover Sport 2012 AutoBiography

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A small job booked in at Offset Detailing Essex on this nice 2012 Range Rover Sport Autobiography in black. Caliper repaint, and a good exterior clean. Chatting with the owner (who was very happy) it’s looking like this will be back for a full detail as well as his black R8 when the weather gets better so stay tuned!Full wash downDodo Juice Applie I Foam Auto Finesse Citrus Power and Iron Out Power Maxed Shampoo (love this) Pat dried with Auto Finesse deep pile towels Compressed air for shuts, grills and gaps.Paintwork glossed up with Zaino Z6. Calipers sealed with Gtechniq Exo after being repainted gloss red, ready for 22″ wheel fitting.Inside of wheels also cleaned and remounted to factory torque settings, locking wheel nuts at 12 o’clock in line with the wheel badges.