New Car Detailing 

The perfect detailing package for your new car. Includes paint enhancement or correction (depending on condition) and your choice of wax, sealant or ceramic coating to protect your “better than new” paintwork.  

Price: From £450 (depending on vehicle size, paint enhancement or correction requirements & protection package chosen)

Timescale: 14 days (This will be discussed with the client if the vehicle needs machine polishing or not prior to protection)

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Our Detailing Process

The best possible process for a new car detail is to collect your vehicle with no previous valet. Just a PDI check. Leave the factory protective wraps on, If possible, you are within your rights to request this from the dealership, and ask that a valet is not completed at the dealership. 

A new car detail starts with a thorough wash and decontamination process. Even when a vehicle is brand new, deposits can be picked up during transportation, sitting around in compounds and moved onto the dealership and showroom.  These are carefully removed during the wash process.  

The car is then clay barred to remove even more contaminants. After this the paintwork is assessed and measured prior to a machine polishing process be it a stage 1 enhancement or a multi stage machine polishing process to really make your new car stand out with a better than new finish, ready to be protected. 

ceramic coating Is highly recommended for protecting and preserving your better than new finish.  

Also included in this package 

The exterior glass is protected with a rain repellent coating, wheel faces protected, an interior valet is also included as well as the engine bay dressed. 

Why choose this option? 

For the best possible protection for your new car, a single to multi stage machine polish and ceramic coating is recommended. 

Provides peace of mind that future washing and maintenance will require minimal effort. 

Perfect and protect your new car

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Trusted with everything from daily cars to supercars.  

Daryl Benfield is an awardwinning detailer at Offset Detailing in Essex.  

Accreditations include: Kamikaze Collection Certified detailerAuto Finesse approved and winner of Pyramid Car Care’s The UK’s Favourite Detailer competition 2018 (as voted for by the public and detailing community).