Stage 1 Paint Enhancement & Protection Detail

Ideal for new and nearly new cars, where paintwork is in good condition. We complete a single stage machine polish and finish with a wax, sealant or ceramic coating of your choice to protect and preserve your enhanced paintwork

Price: From £400 (depending on vehicle size & protection package chosen)

Timescale: Usually 23 days 

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Our Detailing Process

All enhancement and paint correction packages have the full wash and decontamination process carried out prior.  

polish and pad combination is decided on the specific type of your vehicle’s paintwork before any machine polishing work is carried out. Polishes and pad combinations do not work the same on every car out there and thus a combination must be suited be it solid, single stage, metallic or pearlescent finishes.  

The paintwork is also measured prior to any polishing to see how much clearcoat we have to safely work with. Once a combination has been decided after initial testing, a single stage machine polish is carried out to remove fine to medium swirl marks, light scratches, holograms and blemishes.  

This is a very popular choice for new car detailing and vehicles already in a good condition that need that bit extra brought out of the overall finish. The defects are removed by gradually polishing them out which creates an incredible finish to the paintwork – the flake or pearl will ‘pop’ a lot more and the paint colour will look substantially enhanced with added depth. Solid or lighter colours gain superb wet look style gloss, dark colours have a vastly increased depth to the paintwork. 

Your car is then wiped down to remove any polish residues and is ready for the protection stage – a wax, sealant or ceramic coating protection of your choice to protect and preserve your enhanced paint. Note prices will vary between a wax/sealant or ceramic coating. 

Also included in this detailing service 

The exterior glass is protected with a rain repellent coating, wheel faces protected, an interior valet is also included as well as the engine bay dressed. 

When / why would a customer choose this option?  

This package is suited for new cars and vehicles in an already good condition. 

Perfect and Protect your Paintwork

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Daryl Benfield is an awardwinning detailer at Offset Detailing in Essex.  

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