Wash & Maintenance Detail 

Ideal for cars that have been previously protected (or not) with a wax, sealant or ceramic coating, topping up protection for paintwork, glass, trim and wheels – if you do not have the time to wash and maintain at your home. Price includes interior clean and sanitised from germs including corona virus, vacuumed, with the engine bay also cleaned and dressed.

Price: From £150 (depending on vehicle size)

Timescale: 1 day

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Our Detailing Process

This starts with a thorough wash and decontamination of your vehicle. First the wheels are cleaned with an acid free wheel cleaner and iron deposit remover dissolving brake dust, road grime and dirt. Soft wheel woolie brushes are used to agitate the first from the inner barrels and the face of the rim. After this is rinsed clean, a hand wash on each wheel is carried out using a PH neutral shampoo. 

After that it’s onto the engine bay. Engine bays are cleaned using acid free citrus degreasers with soft bristle brushes to remove dirt. The engine bay is then carefully cleaned to ensure a dirt free finish for dressing later on. 

The car itself is decontaminated using acid free traffic film removers, usually citrus degreasers and iron deposit removers that are safe for all finishes including ones with existing waxes, sealants and ceramic coatings. This includes all door shuts and wheel arches. Once the existing dirt and iron filings have been removed safely the entire vehicle is snow foamed using a PH neutral product with air vents, crevises where dirt builds up agitated with soft bristle brushes. The vehicle is safely jet washed to remove the foam and a twobucket method hand wash is then carried out with microfibre wash mitts and a PH neutral shampoo. 

After the wash process the car is dried using 300kph warm filtered air courtesy of a BigBoi Air Blowers.  

The vehicle is then clay barred if needed. Cars with existing ceramic coatings have a specific ceramic coating top coat applied to the paintwork and any other coated surfaces to top up protection and add a glossy finish. If the vehicle has no existing protection, the customer can choose from waxes or sealants to protect the paintwork. The exterior glass is protected with a rain repellent coating, wheel faces protected, an interior valet is also included as well as the engine bay dressed.  

When / why would a customer choose this option?  

Ideal for cars previously protected with a wax, sealant or ceramic coatingto top up protection or when you don’t have time to safely wash and maintain at home.  

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