Winter Car Detailing Sale

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At Offset Detailing, we offer an award-winning car detailing service – striving towards providing a first-class and high-quality service for all of our customers. Taking extra care of your car during the winter months is so important and with the Winter Protection Sale we are offering, there is no better opportunity to get involved and protect your car.
For both men and women who are car-loving enthusiasts, winter car detailing is the perfect option and could even be a great Christmas or Birthday gift choice for friends and family. The winter sale that we are offering can save you money today!

How Winter can affect my car?

Now winter is here in full force and the colder months are approaching, there is no doubt that your vehicle is going to be at a higher risk of becoming damaged by road salt, dirt, low temperatures and a lot more road grime compared to the drier months in the year. The Winter Car Detailing service is created to protect your vehicle from further damage and will keep your car in pristine condition throughout the colder months of the year.
Adding ceramic coatings to your exterior paintwork, wheels, trim and glass vastly reduces the elements bonding to your vehicle and water repelling off of the surfaces, making your journey safer. In the UK, we are renowned for having severe weather conditions, especially when it snows and gets icy. When the weather worsens, driving conditions can become very poor, making each journey hazardous and so with the coatings we offer, this risk can be massively reduced.

Why does my car need protection?

When people buy brand new cars from well-known dealerships, you would expect the quality of the exterior to be perfect. However, that isn’t always the case – with the poor valeting techniques that dealers implement, this can scratch, dent and damage the overall exterior of the car.
If you have recently bought a new car and want to ensure your exterior paintwork stays looking unspoilt, with the thorough wash and protection detail, the single stage enhancement/paint correction and multi stage enhancement/ paint correction services we employ here at Offset Detailing, the winter won’t be a problem for your vehicle this year!

What our Winter car detailing sale entails!

During the winter months, Offset Detailing are offering a saving on all detail services. Be it a simple maintenance and protection package, right through to full bespoke details and paint correction. We also offer a leather restoration and care protection service which will defend and guard the interior from spills, stains, dirt and dye transfer – for people who carry children in their car on a regular basis, this could be the option for you.
We use the best car wax and car polish in the industry and will give the ultimate look to your vehicle in no time. Using the best coatings on the market, especially Kamikaze Collection which Offset Detailing is a certified detailer, boasting extreme gloss and durability against the elements. We also offer other brands such as Gtechniq, Gyeon, Pyramid, Polishangel and can tailor a specific detail whatever your requirements are.

What to do next!

If you’ve found the perfect car detailing service for you, Offset Detailing are here to help you –with any requirements you have you’re more than welcome to drop us an email or call us, or even pop in to discuss your vehicle requirements. With the sale we are offering, you can receive the same services- but at a reduced price!
Once you have got in touch and decided on the right winter car detailing for your vehicle, please quote ‘OFFSETWINTER18’ to receive the offer and your car could be transformed within a number of days!

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